Vol. 15, no.2, 2023


Controlling the dynamics of spin polarization of conduction electrons by electrical and mechanical action

Vyacheslav K. Ignatiev, Nikolay G. Lebedev, Sergey V. Perchenko, Dmitry A. Stankevich

Volgograd State University, https://volsu.ru/
Volgograd 400062, Russian Federation
E-mail: vkignatjev@yandex.ru, nikolay.lebedev@volsu.ru, perchenko@volsu.ru, dimon50002004@yandex.ru

Received 27 April 2023, peer-reviewed 04 May 2023, accepted 11 May 2023

Abstract: A quantum model for the interaction of a collectivized conduction electron with a crystal field in a homogeneous and isotropic deformed polycrystalline sample, taking into account the spin-orbit interaction, is proposed. A dynamic equation of motion of the conduction electron spin in a stress-strained metal is obtained. It is shown that under conditions of inhomogeneous torsion in the stationary case, the average spin of conduction electrons is oriented predominantly along the current density vector. The maximum value of the spin-orbit interaction is observed when the torsion axis is orthogonal to the current density vector.

Keywords: spin-orbit interaction, transition metals, Wannier functions, torsional strain

PACS: 67.57.Lm, 72.25.Ba, 75.76.+j

RENSIT, 2023, 15(1):133-138e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2023.15.133

Full-text electronic version of this article - web site http://en.rensit.ru/vypuski/article/493/15(2)133-138e.pdf