Vol. 15, no.1, 2023


Obtaining a thin-film coating of a composite material based on titanium dioxide and silver nanoparticles by sol-gel method

Alexander E. Isaev, Nikolai M. Ushakov

Kotelnikov IRE of RAS, Saratov branch, http://www.cplire.ru/rus/sfire/
Saratov 410019, Russian Federation
E-mail: isaevaleks@gmail.com, nmu@bk.ru
Igor D. Kosobudsky, Ilia N. Mikhailov
Gagarin SGTU, https://www.sstu.ru/
Saratov 410054, Russian Federation
E-mail: ikosobudskyi@gmail.com, ilya98mih@yandex.ru
Mikhail Yu. Vasilkov
Chernyshevsky SNIGU, https://www.sgu.ru/
Saratov 410012, Russian Federation
E-mail: vasilk.mikhail@yandex.ru

Received 24 November 2022, reviewed 01 December 2022, accepted 08 December 2022

Abstract: A method is presented for obtaining thin-film mesoporous coatings for protective glasses in nano- and optoelectronic devices for various purposes, including: obtaining titanium oxide sols with the addition of silver nitrate, applying coatings by the “dipcoating” method with further heat treatment. The kinetic constants of Smoluchowski's fast and slow coagulation and the activation energy of the process at various concentrations of silver nitrate were calculated. The optimal concentration of silver nanoparticles in the ash was determined by the least squares method.

Keywords: mesoporous coatings, composite material, sol-gel method, nanoparticles, titanium dioxide, silver, coagulation constant

UDC 539.216.2

RENSIT, 2023, 15(1):51-58e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2023.15.051

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