Vol. 11, no.2, 2019


Oleg N. Gadomsky, Irina V. Gadomskaya
Ulyanovsk State University, https://www. ulsu.ru/
42, ul. L.Tolstoy, Ulyanovsk 432017, Russian Federation
Nikolay M. Ushakov
Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS, Saratov branch, http://www. cplire.ru/rus/sfire
38, ul. Zelenaya, Saratov 410019, Russian Federation

Received 14.03.2019, accepted 02.04.2019
Abstract. The results of a theoretical and experimental study of the effect of photon localization in the composite layer of a nanomaterial (PMMA & Ag) with spherical silver nanoparticles are presented. Composite nanomaterial was a metamaterial with a random refractive index close to zero. The photon localization effect considered in this article is fundamentally different from the transverse localization of electromagnetic waves in 2D periodic structures, since it is considered in homogeneous transparent media far from the resonance of their structural elements. It is theoretically shown that at a vacuum-optical medium interface with a random refractive index close to zero the refraction of the wave occurs not according to Snell's law, but with the localization of photons, when the external plane wave is extinguished at a point. In accordance with the uncertainty relation photons propagate in the medium in all directions determined by a random angle of refraction. A condition under which the values of the angles of refraction of waves in a layer become complex quantities is derived. As a result, a parallel beam of light inside the layer is localized in a small region. A 1 mW helium-neon laser with longitudinal polarization of light and a wavelength of 632 nm has been used in experiment. The diameter of the laser beam was 1 mm. The radiation passing through the sample with a thickness of 10 μm in the longitudinal and transverse directions was recorded using a CD camera. When the sample is irradiated a photon localization region is formed in the composite layer, whose linear dimensions (8 μm) are comparable with the layer thickness.

Keywords: optical metamaterial with randomly close to zero refractive index, polymer composite nanomaterial, silver nanoparticles, polymethyl methacrylate, photon localization in the composite layer

UDC 546.722+546.271

RENSIT, 2019, 11(2):177-188 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2019.11.177

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