Vol. 6, №1, 2014


Rubaylo Anatoly I., Pavlenko Nina I., Shor Elena A.

Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch, http://www.icct.ru
42, K. Marx str., 660036, Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation

The article is dedicated to the jubilee of Professor SP Gubin. A review is to reflect the history and development stages of the Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Krasnoyarsk. The first decisions on the establishment of this direction in the SB Academy of Sciences of USSR have been taken in the 70’s of last century. Works to implement them headed SP Gubin. As the Director-organizer of the newly created Institute of Sergey Pavlovich led the formation of scientific directions of the Institute in accordance with the requirements of the main branches of industry of Krasnoyarsk region, attraction in the Institute of qualified personnel, the establishment of the instrument base, the expansion of the library Fund, the formation of a task for design and construction of the building of the Institute in Akademgorodok. S.P. Gubin laid the traditions of holding of scientific conferences up to the all-Union and international, through which the works of the Institute employees came to the all-Union and international audiences. To the present time the works of scientists of the Institute have received recognition, expressed, in particular, in the awarding of the Institute staff of numerous state awards. The main directions of the Institute - coal-chemical and chemical-metallurgical declared themselves the fundamental and applied researches for scientific and industrial circles. The Institute actively cooperates with the enterprises of the real sector of the economy, participates in the preparation of scientific personnel on the basis of its own post graduate and jointly with the Siberian Federal University and SibSTU, deployed a wide international cooperation. The Foundation and the traditions incorporated by S.P. Gubin, allowed the ICCT SB RAS become one of the leading chemical institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences in the field of creation of scientific bases of technology of mineral processing and natural renewable raw materials.

Key words: mineral and natural renewable raw materials, rare metals, brown coal, wood, radioactive waste.

UDC 546.85 +546.75 + 546.71

Bibliography – 7 references
Received 17.10.2012

RENSIT, 2012, 4(2):9-13
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