Vol. 15, no.2, 2023


Synthesis of polymer composite materials based on zinc oxide nanoparticles synthesized in a plasma discharge under the ultrasonic action

Nikolay A. Bulychev

Moscow Aviation Institute, http://www.mai.ru/
Moscow 125993, Russian Federation
E-mail: nbulychev@mail.ru
Yuri G. Mikhaylov
National Research University of Electronic Technology, http://www.miet.ru/
Zelenograd 124498, Moscow, Russian Federation
E-mail: icc.miet@mail.ru

Received May 24, 2023, peer-reviewed May 31, 2023, accepted June 07, 2023

Abstract: Zinc oxide nanoparticles were synthesized and samples of films of polymer composite materials on their basis were obtained and studied. Zinc oxide nanoparticles were synthesized in a plasma discharge under the action of ultrasonic cavitation. To create composites with a homogeneous distribution of nanoparticles, solution technology was used, and then melt compounding technology. Composite materials based on a copolymer of polyethylene and vinyl acetate and zinc oxide nanoparticles were obtained, and not sonicated and sonicated nanoparticles were used. The obtained samples of composite materials were studied by X-ray phase analysis, X-ray fluorescence analysis and scanning electron microscopy. It was shown that there are differences between the samples: in the case of nanoparticles without ultrasonic treatment, the particles are more strongly aggregated inside the composite material and their average size is visually larger than in the case of a sample with nanoparticles subjected to ultrasonic treatment.

Keywords: nanoparticles, polymers, composite materials, zinc oxide

PACS: 61.46.+w

RENSIT, 2023, 15(2):161-168e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2023.15.161

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