Vol. 15, no.1, 2023


Flexible Humidity and Temperature Sensor Based on Film Structures of Polymer Nanocomposites with Carbon Nanotubes

Vyacheslav A. Sergeev, Sergey V. Vasin

Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS, Ulyanovsk branch, http://www.ulireran.ru/
Ulyanovsk 432071, Russian Federation
E-mail: sva@ulstu.ru, vs0902@mail.ru
Mikhail S. Efimov
Ulyanovsk State Technical University, https://www.ulstu.ru/
Ulyanovsk 432027, Russian Federation
E-mail: efimovmix@mail.ru

Received 15 Novemder 2022, peer-reviewed 22 Novemder 2022, accepted 29 Novemder 2022

Abstract: A brief review of humidity and temperature sensors based on film structures of nanocomposite materials is presented. The possibilities and prospects of sorption-impedance humidity sensors and resistive temperature sensors based on polymer nanocomposites with carbon fillers are considered. The studies results of the electrical conductivity dependences of nanocomposite films based on polyvinyl alcohol with magnetically sensitive multi-walled carbon nanotubes on humidity and temperature are presented. The structure and electrical circuit of a flexible two-parameter humidity and temperature sensor are proposed, in the form of two series-connected nanocomposite film resistors placed on a flexible silicone substrate, one of which is protected by a moisture-proof coating. Issues of sensor calibration are discussed.

Keywords: flexible sensor, polymer nanocomposites, film structures, carbon nanotubes

UDC 539.23

RENSIT, 2023, 15(1):13-20e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2023.15.013

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