Vol. 15, no.1, 2023


Magnetoimpedance in a Planar Magnetoelectric Heterostructure Amorphous Ferromagnet – Piezoelectric: Electric Field Modulation

Dmitri A. Burdin, Dmitri V. Chashin, Nikolai A. Ekonomov, Yuri K. Fetisov

MIREA–Russian Technological University, http://www.mirea.ru/
Moscow 119454, Russian Federation
E-mail: burdin@mirea.ru; chashin@mirea.ru; economov@list.ru; fetisov@mirea.ru
Peng Zhou, Yajun Qi, Tianjin Zhang
Hubei University, https://eng.hubu.edu.cn/
Wuhan 430062, PR China
E-mail: p_zhou@outlook.com, yajun_qi@hotmail.com, zhangtj@hubu.edu.cn
Larissa V. Panina
University of Science and Technologies MISIS, https://misis.ru/
Moscow 119049, Russian Federation
E-mail: drlpanina@gmail.com

Received January 04, 2023, peer-reviewed January 06, 2023, accepted January 09, 2023

Abstract: The magnetoimpedance effect and the converse magnetoelectric effect in a planar heterostructure consisting of mechanically bonded layers of amorphous ferromagnet FeBSiC and piezoelectric lead zirconate titanate are studied. Magnetoimpedance was observed in the frequency range of 0.1-40 MHz and bias dc magnetic field of 0-300 Oe; the maximum magnitude of the effect at a frequency of 10 MHz reached 12%. The converse magnetoelectric effect was observed in magnetic fields of 0-50 Oe; the maximum value of the effect at the structure acoustic resonance frequency of 40 kHz was 1.45 G/(V/cm). Amplitude modulation of the magnetoimpedance by an electric field at the resonance frequency of the structure with a coefficient of ~1∙10─2 is found. Modulation occurs as a result of a combination of the piezoelectricity and magnetostriction of the layers, which leads to a change in the transverse magnetic permeability and the thickness of the skin-layer of the ferromagnet.

Keywords: magnetoimpedance, composite heterostructure, ferromagnet, piezoelectric, magnetoelectric effect

UDC 537.86

RENSIT, 2023, 15(1):3-12e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2023.15.003

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