Vol. 14, no.4, 2022


Natural Nucleosynthesis

Gennady V. Mishinsky

Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, http://www.jinr.ru/
Dubna 141980, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
E-mail: mysh@jinr.ru
Vladimir D. Kuznetsov
Center for Applied Physical Researches, http://cpfi.wallst.ru/
Dubna 141980, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
E-mail: kuznetsov@mail.ru
Victor I. Starostin
Lomonosov Moscow State University, http://msu.ru/
119234 Moscow, Russian Federation
E-mail: vistar.geol@gmail.com
Received September 12, 2022, peer-reviewed September 19, 2022, accepted September 26, 2022

Abstract: The possibility of generating strong and ultrastrong magnetic fields in condensed ionized media in the presence of unidirectional motion of an ensemble of free electrons with a density > 1021 e/cm3 is demonstrated. It is shown that atomic and nuclear matter in strong and ultrastrong magnetic fields is transformed into a new state of matter - into transatom, in which atomic electrons and nuclear protons and neutrons are bound in pairs into orthobosons with a spin equal to unity S = 1ћ. Examples of radiationless, low-energy nuclear reactions of transatoms, including those without the Coulomb barrier between identical atomic nuclei, are presented. The mechanism of natural nucleosynthesis, based on the results of the low-energy nuclear reactions registered in various experiments in many laboratories of the world and on the creation of the theory of those reactions, at different stages of the development of the Universe, stars and planets is presented.

Keywords: low energy nuclear reactions, multinuclear reactions, nuclear reactions without a Coulomb barrier, resonant interference exchange interaction, electron pairing, strong magnetic fields, quantum physics, nucleosynthesis

PACS: 03.75.Mn; 03.75.Nt; 25.60.Pj; 25.70.Hi; 26.00.00; 31.10.+z; 32.10.-f; 52.25.Xz

RENSIT, 2022, 14(4):473-496e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2022.14.473

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