Vol. 14, no.4, 2022


Excitation of electromagnetic waves of circular polarization by stripline transmission lines

Dmitry V. Polozov

Moscow Power Engineering Institute, https://mpei.ru/
Moscow 111250, Russian Federation
E-mail: dmitry_polozov@mail.ru
David A. Gabrielyan, Ansar R. Safin, Dmitry V. Kalyabin
Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS, http://www.cplire.ru/
Moscow 125009, Russian Federation
E-mail: davidgabrielyan1997@gmail.com, arsafin@gmail.com, dmitry.kalyabin@phystech.edu

Received 18 November 2022, peer-reviewed 25 November 2022, accepted 02 December 2022

Abstract:: The article investigates the scheme of excitation of an electromagnetic field with circular polarization due to crossed strip transmission lines. Two variants are compared: coplanar and microstrip transmission lines that excite circular polarization of the magnetic field in the space above the intersection of strip structures. The degree of ellipticity of the field at the intersection of strip structures can be changed by changing the phase mismatch between exciting oscillation sources. Modeling of these devices in the computer-aided design system made it possible to quantify the amplitudes of the components of the electromagnetic field, from which the ellipticity coefficient was calculated at different values of frequency and phase. The obtained results allow us to determine the conditions necessary for the realization of circular polarization of the magnetic field. The studied structures are planned to be used in an integral design to excite circular polarization oscillations in magnetic micro- and nanostructures.

Keywords: circular polarization, strip transmission line, ellipticity coefficient, magnetism, ferromagnetic resonance

UDC 621.37

RENSIT, 2022, 14(3):351-358e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2022.14.351.

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