Vol. 14, no.2, 2022


Primary chemical current sources in research studies of recent years: a review

Tatiana V. Krupina, Dmitriy S. Ermakov, Alexander O. Zhbakov, Sergey P. Gubin, Denis Yu. Kornilov

Scientific production company “Grafenika”, http://www.grafenika.com/
Moscow 107143, Russian Federation
E-mail: tatiana.v.krupina@gmail.com, jermakov.dmitry@yandex.ru, zhbakov1995@mail.ru, gubin@igic.ras.ru, kornilovdenis@rambler.ru

Received May 30, 2022, peer-reviewed June 6, 2022, accepted June 13, 2022

Abstract:: Publications in the field of development and modification of anode and cathode materials for primary chemical current sources (CCS), as well as electrolytes used in them, are considered. Both studies on classical materials that have proven themselves in recent decades, and the developing direction of creating environmentally friendly and safe elements are noted. Increasingly, alloys are being used to improve the discharge characteristics of batteries. The use of carbon materials, including graphene and graphene oxide with their unique properties, is widespread. Polymer electrolytes have been developed as a profound way to create safer energy sources. The number of scientific works in the field of primary CCS indicates the continuing need for efficient non-rechargeable systems for both domestic and specialized needs of mankind.

Keywords: primary battery, composite materials, polymer electrolyte, graphene, graphene oxide, lithium batteries, energy source

UDC 544.6.018.2

RENSIT, 2022, 14(2):127-142e DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2022.14.127.

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