Vol. 14, no.1, 2022


Noise signal detection by horizontal antenna in ocean waveguide

Venedikt M. Kuz'kin

Prokhorov Institute of General Physics of RAS, http://www.gpi.ru/
Moscow 119991, Russian Federation
E-mail: kumiov@yandex.ru
Sergey A. Pereselkov, Sergey A. Tkachenko, Dmitry Yu. Prosovetskii
Voronezh State University, http://www.vsu.ru/
Voronezh 394006, Russian Federation
E-mail: pereselkov@yandex.ru, tkachenko.edu@yandex.ru, dmitry.prosovetskii@yandex.ru
Yury V. Matvienko
Institute for Marine Technology Problems, Far Eastern Branch of RAS, http://www.febras.ru/
Vladivostok 690091, Russian Federation
E-mail: ymat@marine.febras.ru

Received 14 March, 2022, peer-reviewed 21 March, 2022, accepted 25 March, 2022

Abstract: Interferometric processing of hydroacoustic information by using a horizontal linear antenna is described. The detection of a noise source signal is considered by using the Neumann-Pearson criterion. The expressions for the probability of correct detection and false alarm are obtained as dependence on the signal/noise (s/n) ratio and the number of antenna elements. Numerical calculations are performed. The curves of the probability of noise signal detection are given. The efficiency of signal detection by using an antenna in relation to a single receiver is estimated.

Keywords: dispersion, interferometry, noise source, Neumann-Pearson criterion, detection characteristics, horizontal antenna, modeling

UDC 004.052.34

RENSIT, 2022, 14(1):65-72 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2022.14.065.

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