Vol. 14, no.1, 2021


Local positioning of the communication receiver and the problem of multipath in difficult conditions

Fedor B. Serkin

Moscow Aviation Institute, https://mai.ru/
Moscow 125993, Russian Federation
E-mail: serkinfb@list.ru

Received September 25, 2022, peer-reviewed October 05, 2022, accepted October 12, 2022

Abstract: In conditions when the signals of satellite navigation systems are unavailable or distorted, the receiver positioning task could be solved by local positioning system with an integrated data transmission channel. However, when such a system operates in various environments, a lot of multipath signals might appear, which strongly distort delay and phase measurements, on the basis of which the receiver coordinates are calculated. The accuracy of measurements can be significantly increased by introducing measurement redundancy by using the signal reflection properties and increasing the tracking channels on the receiver. In this article, a technique is proposed for creating and using the redundancy of phase measurements, as well as the phase derivatives differences of the local positioning system signals. This technique is based on the effects of signal reflection. An algorithm is proposed for estimating the intensity of the relative acceleration of a moving object, which makes it possible, using the threshold method, to switch between receiver channels at the moments when abnormal spikes appears because of the influence of a multipath signal propagation channel. An algorithm for smoothing transitions between antennas is also proposed using cubic spline interpolation. The obtained methods and algorithms, using two receiving antennas with a single phase center, make it possible to exclude about 80% of spikes caused by multipath effects from estimates of the relative velocity of a moving object, and also provide a basis for developing more advanced methods for using redundancy and further research in this area.

Keywords: radio receiving circuits, receiver coordinates, transmitter signal phases, anomalous jumps in a multipath signal propagation channel, receiver channels, cubic spline interpolation

UDC 621.396.621

RENSIT, 2022, 14(1):11-20 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2022.14.011.

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