Vol. 14, no.1, 2021


Dual-polarization arrays of wide-band printed radiating patches for operation in X and Ku-bands

Vladislav V. Golovin, Yury N. Tyschuk, Igor L. Afonin, Alexander L. Polyakov, Gennady V. Slyozkin

Sevastopol State University, http://www.sevsu.ru/
Sevastopol 299053, Russian Federation
E-mail: vvgolovin@sevsu.ru, yntyshchuk@sevsu.ru, ilafonin@sevsu.ru, alpolyakov@sevsu.ru, gvslezkin@sevsu.ru

Received January 26, 2022, peer-reviewed February 05, 2022, accepted February 12, 2022

Abstract: Based on the developed dual-polarization module in the form of a four-element array of printed patches, solutions for two antenna systems of X and Ku bands are implemented. The parabolic reflector antenna for Ku-band satellite communication systems with the feeder in the form of the four-element array of printed patches with switchable linear polarization is investigated. The feeder forms axisymmetric radiation with high-quality linear polarization in the wide frequency band. The reflector antenna with the aperture diameter of 1.2 m in the Ku range is characterized by a gain of 39-41 dBi. The antenna array for the X-band radar made on the basis of modules of printed patches four-element arrays with switchable linear polarization is investigated. The antenna array is characterized by scanning sectors of 70° and 65° in orthogonal planes. The presented parabolic antenna and antenna array are intended for use as part of radio-electronic complexes installed on moving objects.

Keywords: printed antenna, reflector antenna, phased-array antenna, satellite communication, radar antenna

UDC 621.372

RENSIT, 2022, 14(1):3-10 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2022.14.003.

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