Vol. 6, №1, 2014


Afanasiev V. P., Budak V. P., Efremenko D. S., Lubenchenko A. V.

Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University), http://www.mpei.ru
13/E, Krasnokazarmennaya str., 111250 Moscow, Russian Federation,

It is shown that in slab geometry the discretized radiative transfer equation (RTE) has the unique analytical solution. Since the solution represents as the linear matrix equation, where there are optimized libraries, the only possible algorithm solution exists. The RTE discretization is probable only after the solution anisotropic part selection, including all the singularities. The various implementations of the RTE solution algorithms differ by methods of the anisotropic part selection, among which one the most effective is the small angle modification of spherical harmonics method. The effect of hard-software on the implementation efficiency of RTE solution algorithms in the slab is analyzed.

Keywords : radiative transfer equation, slab geometry, anisotropic scattering

PACS 42.68.Ay

Bibliography– 21 references
Received 17.05.2011, revised 20.05.2011

RENSIT, 2011, 3(1):69-78

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