Vol. 13, no.3, 2021


Application of spectral and spatial processing methods to sonar images

Alexander V. Kokoshkin, Evgeny P. Novichikhin, Ilia V. Smolyaninov

Kotelnikov Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics of RAS, Fryazino Branch, http://fire.relarn.ru/
Fryazino 141190, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
E-mail: shvarts65@mail.ru, epnov@mail.ru, ilia159@mail.ru

Received May 26.2021, peer-reviewed June 07.2021, accepted June 21.2021

Abstract: The paper proposes the use of the method of renormalization with limitation (MRL) for suppressing the speckle noise of images obtained using sonar. The method is tested on real images obtained by the interferometric side-view sonar. The principal possibility of a significant reduction in the speckle noise level is found due to the fact that the MRL renormalizes the spectrum of the sonar image to the universal reference spectrum (URS) model, which is a model of the spectrum of a "good" quality grayscale image. To increase the overall sharpness of the image, after applying the MRL, it is proposed to use spatial brightness transformations. The study allows us to conclude that the application of MRL to sonar images can significantly reduce speckle noise.

Keywords: sonar, remote sensing, sonar images, image processing, speckle noise, method of renormalization with limitation

UDC 621.369

RENSIT, 2021, 13(3):377-382 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2021.13.377.

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