Vol. 13, no.3, 2021


Microwave cyclotron protective devices for radar receivers

Sergey V. Bykovskiy

RPC "Istok"named after Shokin", http://www.istokmw.ru/
Fryazino, Moscow region 141190, Russian Federation
E-mail: serbyko@mail.ru

Received April 05, 2921, peer-reviewed April 19, 2021, accepted April 26, 2021

Abstract: Brief overview of the latest developments of microwave cyclotron protective devices, their functioning and parameters is given. It is noted that these devices have a number of important advantages over other types of protective devices: they are autonomous, provide no peak of microwave power leaking to the output, frequency filtering and low noise figure (0.7-1.2 dB). The upper limit of the linearity of cyclotron protective devices in the signal transmission mode when the transmission coefficient is compressed by 1 dB is ~ 1 mW. The devices can operate with an input pulse power of up to 10 kW or more, while the attenuation of the input power in the protection mode is more than 60-80 dB. The recovery time of parameters after the end of a powerful input pulse is 10-20 ns. For devices of the 3-cm wavelength range, experimental data are given on the recovery time, the upper limit of linearity, attenuation of the input power in the protection mode, and filtration characteristics.

Keywords: cyclotron protection device, tape electron beam, fast cyclotron wave, peak leakage power, recovery time, noise figure

UDC 621.385.69

RENSIT, 2021, 13(3):297-302 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2021.13.297.

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