Vol. 13, no.3, 2021


Analysis of the current state and development prospects of radar system for guided weapons of air objects destruction

Anatoliy R. Ilchuk, Andrey I. Panas, Sergey V. Shcherbakov

RPC "Istok" named after Shokin", https://istokmw.ru/
Fryazino, Moscow region 141190, Russian Federation
E-mail: arilchuk@istokmw.ru, aipanas@istokmw.ru, sherbakov@istokmw.ru
Vladimir I. Merkulov, Vladimir S. Chernov
Vega Concern, https://www.vega.su/
Moscow 121170, Russian Federation
E-mail: from_fn@mail.ru, chernova.45@list.ru

Received May 27, 2921, peer-reviewed June 04, 2021, accepted June 11, 2021

Abstract: The effectiveness of destruction of air objects (AO) largely depends on the excellence of radar devices, which are called radar homing heads (RHH) of the guided weapons systems (GWS). In the process of GWS AO development, several generations of RHHs were created: semi-active RHHs with a pulsed or continuous target illumination signal; RHHs providing combined guidance; RHHs, providing realization of inertial guidance with radio correction from the weapon control system of the GWS carrier, active guidance, a combination of semi-active and active modes, combined guidance, in which inertial guidance with radio correction, passive and active homing are consistently implemented. Currently, there is a need for an analytical generalization of information about the GHHs, published in various open scientific and technical sources of information. In the course of the analysis, it was found that the main directions for improving the RHHs are: the development of new, more flexible non-stationary homing methods and their information support, which provide the ability to intercept new types of AO in complex signal-jamming multipurpose situations. This predetermines the need to achieve a high level of RHHs protection from natural and intentional interference, the use of trajectory control of observation when aiming at radio-emitting and group objects, improvement of situational awareness, RHHs intellectualization and digitalization, improvement of RHH antenna systems.

Keywords: radar homing heads, guided weapons, air object, guidance system

UDC 621.396.96

RENSIT, 2021, 13(3):227-244. DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2021.13.227.

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