Vol. 13, no.2, 2021


All-Russian Seminar on the Study of the Structure of Liquids and Solutions (In Memory of O.Ya. Samoilov)

Margarita N. Rodnikova

N.S. Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of RAS, http://igic.ras.ru/
Moscow 119991, Russian Federation
E-mail: rodnikova@igic.ras.ru

Received 11 May, 2021, peer-reviewed 14 May, 2021, accepted 18 May, 2021

Abstract: This publication is dedicated to the memory of Oleg Yakovlevich Samoilov, who passed away in June 1980. Having entered the Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Sciences after the university bench in 1942, Oleg Yakovlevich worked his way up from a junior researcher to the head of a laboratory, having defended his candidate and at the age of 37 his doctoral dissertation and soon received the academic title of professor. His area of interest was the nature of the liquid state, and in this area he opened the way to new views on the structure of liquids and the nature of the thermal motion of their particles, reflected in the monograph "The structure of aqueous solutions of electrolytes and hydration of ions", immediately translated abroad to major foreign languages, and at the seminar organized by him at the Institute for the Study of the Structure of Liquids and Solutions, which he directed from 1962 to the last days of his life, and which continues to exist to this day. The entire content of the seminar is reflected in this publication.

Keywords: structure of aqueous solutions of electrolytes, ion hydration, negative hydration

PACS 01.10.Fv

RENSIT, 2021, 13(2):187-220. DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2021.13.187.

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