Vol. 12, no.2, 2020


Automated Attendance Machine Using Face Detection and Recognition System

Muhanned AL-Rawi

Ibb University, https://www.ibbuniv.edu.ye/
Ibb, Yemen
E-mail: muhrawi@yahoo.com

Received February 27, 2020, reviewed March 02, 2020, accepted March 23, 2020
Abstract. This paper serves to automate the prevalent traditional tedious and time wasting methods of marking student attendance in classrooms. The use of automatic attendance through face detection and recognition increases the effectiveness of attendance monitoring and management. This method could also be extended for use in examination halls to curb cases of impersonation as the system will be able to single out the imposters who won’t have been captured during the enrollment process. Applications of face recognition are widely spreading in areas such as criminal identification, security systems, image and film processing. The system could also find applications in all authorized access facilities.

Keywords: automated attendance machine; face; detection and recognition

UDC 004.931

RENSIT, 2020, 12(2):297-304. DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2020.12.297.

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