Vol. 12, no.1, 2020


Photoelectrochemical Photocurrent Switching Effect in Nanostructured Anodized Titanium Dioxide and Enhancement of its Photocatalytic Activity by Layer-by-layer Polyelectrolyte Assembly

Nikolay V. Ryzhkov, Veronika Yu. Yurova, Nadezhda Yu. Brezhneva, Sviatlana A. Ulasevich, Ekaterina V. Skorb

ITMO University, http://www.ifmo.ru/
St. Petersburg 191002, Russian Federation
E-mail: ryzhkov@itmo.ru, yurowa@infochemistry.ru, brezhneva@infochemistry.ru, ulasevich@itmo.ru, skorb@itmo.ru

Received January 31, 2020; reviewed February 10, 2020; accepted February 14, 2020
Abstract. This article reports effect of photoelectrochemical photocurrent switching on anodized titanium dioxide which was observed for the first time for this material. When negatively polarized, TiO2 photoelectrode gave anodic photocurrent under 365 nm irradiation and cathodic one under 405 nm irradiation. We suppose, this phenomenon can be explained by electron pathways provided by Ti3+ states occurring in anodized TiO2 during annealing. We also demonstrate here effect of anodic photocurrent increase after photoelectrode surface was modified by (PSS/PEI)3 Layer-by-layer assembly. Photoanodic performance is 3 times higher for TiO2/(PSS/PEI)3 than for bare TiO2.

Keywords: photochemistry, TiO2, photocurrent switching, layer-by-layer assembly

PACS: 82.50.−m, 82.50.Hp, 82.35.Rs

RENSIT, 2020, 12(1):153-160. DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2020.12.153.

Full-text electronic version of this article - web site http://en.rensit.ru/vypuski/article/312/12(1)153-160e.pdf