Vol. 9, no.1, 2017


Alla A. Kornilova
Lomonosov Moscow State University, http://www.msu.ru
1/2, Leninskie gory, Moscow 119991 Russian Federation
Vladimir I. Vysotskii
Shevchenko Kiev National University, http://www.univ.kiev.ua
64/13, str. Vladimirskaya, Kyiv 01601 Ukraine

Received 13.06.2017
Abstract. The work considers the background, theoretical assumptions and results of experiments on nuclear transmutation of stable and radioactive isotopes in growing biological objects. It is shown that such fundamental transformations are based on nuclear-physical processes, the course of which is stimulated by the catalytic influence of non-stationary spatial inhomogeneities in the volume of growing living objects. This process can be used both for the accelerated utilization of stable and radioactive nuclei, and for the production of rare isotopes. The conditions for optimizing the deactivation process are investigated. It was found that in the most optimal case the rate of activity decrease in aqueous solutions of radionuclides is accelerated by 35...200 times in relation to the natural decay. The physical and biological reasons of these processes are considered.

Keywords: isotopes, microbiological systems, low energy nuclear reactions, deactivation of radionuclides

PACS: 25.60.Pj; 25.70.−z; 28.41.Kw; 28.52.−s; 28.60.+s; 82.90.+j; 87.17.−d; 87.17.Ee; 87.80.−y; 89.60.−k

RENSIT, 2017, 9(1):52-64 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2017.09.052

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