Vol. 8, №2, 2016


Sergey V. Tkachev, Sergey P. Gubin

"AkKo Lab" LLC, http://akkolab.ru.en
129110 Moscow, Russian Federation
Kurnakov Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, http://www.igic.ras.ru
117991 Moscow, Russian Federation
tkachev_svmsu@mail.ru, gubin@igic.ras.ru
Vitalii P. Kim, Alexey E. Kushnir, Denis Yu. Kornilov
"AkKo Lab" LLC, http://akkolab.ru.en
vp.kim@physics.msu.ru, kushnir.a.e@gmail.com, kornilovdenis@rambler.ru

Received 5.12.2016
Abstract. The work is aimed at solving the problem of developing functional silver nano-inks used in ink-jet technology in printed flexible electronics, as well as at demonstration of printing results and their discussion. The development of functional compounds for printing is a fundamentally new approach to the production of flexible electronic devices for the military and civil industry. As a part of the work special attention is paid to the preparation of aqueous and organic dispersions of silver nanoparticles, the study of the various factors that affect the size and characteristics of the nanoparticles, methods of concentrating the standard dispersions to obtain nano-ink, printing the conductive structures by synthesized nano-inks and research of the printed elements properties. These results give an opportunity to develop silver nano-inks and adapt them for printing on various substrates (including flexible polymeric ones) by specialized equipment.

Keywords: silver nano-ink, aqueous dispersions, ink-jet printing, conductive structures, polymeric substrate, flexible electronics

UDC 546.57, 621.3.049.7

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RENSIT, 2016, 8(2):171-184 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2016.08.171
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