Vol. 7, №2, 2015


A QUARTER-CENTURY OF RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF NATURAL SCIENCES (five steps up) (report on the anniversary of the Academy of General Meeting, Moscow, Cathedral of Christ the Savior, 24.11.2015)
Oleg L. Kuznetsov

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, http://www.raen.info
119002 Moscow, Russian Federation

Received 27.11.2015
Abstract. Summarized the history and formation of the largest Russian public expert organization - the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, established a turning point for the country's 90 years of the 20th century. Marked and commented on the five stages of the development of the academy: the classic organization of sections, sections of gosprioritetam, thematic sections, regional sections and innovative sections. The motto of the Academy of Natural Sciences - interdisciplinarity and integration of diverse knowledge. The symbol of the Academy is the VI Vernadsky, the Academy is actively promoting Russian cosmism school. RANS initiate registration of scientific discoveries, is widely involved in the educational sector of the country, is the founder in 1994 of the University "Dubna", one of the best universities in the country for the recognition of experts. Publishing RANS - thousands of titles, the Bulletin of Natural Sciences, many sections and departments have their own magazines, including RENSIT. The Academy is widely recruited to participate in international forums (Summits), committees and festivals. As an all-Russian scientific organization, RANS plays an important role one of the cells of civil society, which is consolidating around a large domestic intellectual potential of performing a stabilizing role in the country.

Keywords: expertise, nongovernmental Academy of Sciences, sections and branches of Academy, interdisciplinary, Russian cosmism, educational sphere, publishing, international forums

PACS: 01.10.Fv

RENSIT, 2015, 7(2):212-216 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2015.07.212

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