Vol. 7, №1, 2015


KAYRAT K. KADYRZHANOV (to 70 anniversary of birth)
RENSIT Editorial Board

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of Physics, http://www.msu.ru
119991 Moscow, Russian Federation
grachev@cplire.ru, vsrusakov@physics.msu.ru

Received 18.03.2015

Abstract. Essay presents the scientific biography of Dr Sci Phys&Math, Professor, Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Kamal K. Kadyrzhanov: basic biographical data, a close relationship with the Russian science, basic research results, educational and organizational activities, the decisive role in the creation of the new fields of science and technology of Kazakhstan, management of the major research centers of Kazakhstan, active publication and organizational activities in domestic and international journals, national and international prizes and awards, the continuing scientific activity.
Keywords: radiation solid state physics, Mossbauer effect, nuclear physics, ion implantation of metals and alloys, radioisotope technology, nuclear medicine, heavy ion accelerators, radiation ecology

PACS: 1.60.+q
RENSIT, 2015, 7(2):208-209 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2015.07.208

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