Vol. 6, №2, 2014


ROSTISLAV V. BELYAEV (to 80-anniversary of birth)
RENSIT Edition
grachev@cplire.ru, belyaev@cplire.ru

Abstract. Presented the scientific biography of Rostislav V. Belyaev: basic biographical data, learning at the Faculty of Electronics MIPT (Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region) with the practice in the Institute "Istok" (Fryazino Moscow region), work in IRE from 1953 to the present time in the electronics department, the lab generating chaotic oscillations, the laboratory of physical bases of nanocomposite materials for information technologies, vindication of PhD dissertation, publishing activities, participation in national and international conferences, working on numerous grants, membership Popov RNTORES and the Russian Academy of natural Sciences, the work in the journal RENSIT, state awards.

Keywords: signal encoding, generation of chaotic oscillations, noise microwave generators, algorithms of pseudo-random sequences, broadband technologies, avalanche-transit diodes, dynamic chaos, information security, fractal methods

PACS: 1.60.+q
Received 05.11.2014
RENSIT, 2014, 6(2):234-235 DOI: 10.17725/RENSITe.0006.201412g.0234

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