Vol. 6, №2, 2014


ELENA F. SHEKA (to 60-anniversary of birth)
RENSIT Edition
grachev@cplire.ru, sheka@isp.ac.ru

Abstract. Essay presents the scientific biography of Elena F. Sheka: basic biographical data, learning on Faculty of Physics of Kiev Shevchenko University, post-graduate courses at the Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of USSR, Ph.D. and Dr Sci. Phys&Math dissertations at the Physics Lebedev Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, working in the Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, the Institute of Solid State Physics of the USSR (Chernogolovka), teaching activities at MIPT, in the People's Friendship University (until now), leadership of laboratory for computational nanotechnology at the faculty of theoretical physics and mechanics of People's Friendship University, cooperation with JINR, IPCP RAS, Ioffe Institute, Institutions of France, Hungary, Netherlands, membership of Nanotechnology society in Russia, the American Chemical Society, the European Society for Computational Approach, International Society for physicists, membership in editorial boards of international and national scientific journals, participation in Russian and international conferences, state and departmental awards.

Keywords: molecular crystals, phonon spectra, inelastic scattering of thermal neutrons, exciton spectra, vibronic spectra, phase transitions, vibrational spectroscopy, quantum-chemical modeling, quantum chemistry, chemical physics of graphene, computational nanotechnology

PACS: 1.60.+q
Received 12.11.2014
RENSIT, 2014, 6(2):232-233 DOI: 10.17725/RENSITe.0006.201412g.0232

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