Vol. 8, №1, 2016


Alexander R. Zaritsky, Galina V. Zaytseva, Marina N. Kirichenko

Lebedev Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, http://www.lebedev.ru
119991 Moscow, Russian Federation
zaritsky@sci.lebedev.ru, zaytseva-gv@yandex.ru, maslova_marina@mail.ru
Vladimir I. Grachev
Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, http://www.cplire.ru
125009 Moscow, Russian Federation

Received 28.05.2016
Abstract. The paper deals with the evolutionary development of cellular structures and their role in the process of electric fields in the cytoplasmic membrane. Listed channels generating a transmembrane potential difference in the lipid bilayer cytomembranes. It is shown that it is carried out by entering protons at energy-intensive recycling of substrates in the cytoplasm as well as the different speeds of flow metabolism lipid weight in the inner and outer layers cytomembranes. The mechanisms of generating fields in the hydrocarbon portion of the membrane (lipid in the "tails") at coordinated tilting "heads" lipids in one of the layers. Arguments in favor of the fact that the experimentally measured Donnan potential is not a potential for thermodynamic equilibrium and is caused due to the presence in the cells of the archaic metabolism. It is shown that under the influence of an electric field in the membrane of an asymmetry in its permeability to molecules having a dipole moment and the maximum electron density in their negative or positive ends. In the evolution of this asymmetry is defined cytomembranes permeability screening of molecules into the cytoplasm by chiral asymmetry associated with a dipole moment. This explains the presence in the living world only those molecules that have the same chirality towards its dipole moment. In experiments with erythrocytes shows that the stronger the field, on their membrane, the more significant redistribution of glucose (having a dipole moment of the electron density and at least on the positive "edge" of the dipole) from the blood plasma into the cytoplasm. The experiments also detected asymmetry predicted effect erythrocyte membrane permeability for water, providing preservation of red blood cells in the oxygenation of venous blood.

Keywords: lipid bilayer, membrane potential, flower metabolism, dipole, domain, Donnan potential, permeability asymmetry, glucose, water, osmotic particles

PACS: 87.23.Kg

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RENSIT, 2016, 8(1):91-103 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2016.08.091
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