Vol. 8, №1, 2016


1,2Galina V. Arzamastseva, 1Mikhail G. Evtikhov, 1Feodor V. Lisovsky, 1Ekaterina G. Mansvetova

1Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics, Fryazino Branch, Russian Academy of Science, http://fire.relarn.ru
141120 Fryazino, Moscow region, Russian Federation
2Modern Humanitarian Academy, http://www.muh.ru
109029 Moscow, Russian Federation
arzamastseva@mail.ru, emg20022002@mail.ru, lisf@df.ru, mansvetova_eg@mail.ru

Received 17.11.2015
Abstract. Fourier images of generalized triadic Koch fractals (curves and snowflakes) with variable vertex angle of generator were obtained by digital methods. The comparison of different methods of fractal dimensions determination using Fraunhofer diffraction patterns was made. Analysis of the size ratio dependence of central (fractal) and peripheral (lattice) parts of diffraction pattern both upon vertex angle at a fixed value of prefractal generation number and upon prefractal generation number at a fixed value of vertex angle was made. The features of Koch curves and Koch snowflakes Fourier images are discussed.

Keywords: annular zones method, box-counting method, digital methods, Fourier image, fractal dimension, Fraunhofer diffraction, Koch curve, Koch fractal, Koch snowflake, method of circles, scaling factor, scaling invariance, symmetry

UDC 51.74; 535.42

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RENSIT, 2016, 8(1):81-90 DOI: 10.17725/rensit.2016.08.081
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