Vol. 6, №1, 2014


Barishpolets Vitaly A.

Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences, http://www.ccas.ru
40, Vavilova str., 119333 Moscow, Russian Federation

Received 07.01.2014
In [1] a definition of information-psychological impact, as the basic concepts of information-psychological security, the analysis of the peculiarities of the information-psychological impact on the person, group, mass and public consciousness, as well as analysis of the structure of the organization, means and methods of information-psychological impact. This article is a continuation of the above-mentioned work. Information-psychological struggle is conducted in time of war and peace, between States in the protection of their interests, for the zone of political influence, for markets, for the disputed territory, for property, for the strengthening of the defensive sphere, etc. She is constantly conducted and in each state, primarily for power and money, for the opportunity to manage the large masses of people, for control over the production of goods, revenues in its implementation. In this article looks at the use of means and methods of information-psychological impact of the military activities, diplomacy, education, medicine, election campaigns of candidates for elective posts, advertising activity, economic confrontation between the conflicting (competing) between the parties.

Keywords: information-psychological impact, information-psychological operation, information-psychological action, information-psychological struggle, cold war, media, mass consciousness, public consciousness, public opinion, manipulation of consciousness.

UDC 530.1; 513.731

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