Vol. 6, №1, 2014


NANOCLUSTERS IN WATER TREATMENT (Russian-Austrian innovation)
Kubinger Ulrich,

VTA-Gruppe, http://www.vta.cc
07422, Rottenbach, Oberösterreich
Sidorin Yury Yu.,
Kemerovo State University (KemSU)
6, Krasnaya str., 650043, Kemerovo, Russian Federation
SPC "NPM-Siberia", General Director,
1, Institutskaya str., 650002, Kemerovo, Russian Federation
Leinweber Valery,
ClusterNanoTech LTD
Deutschland, Ribnitz-Damgarten,
+49 1702159363, valerilein@mail.ru

Presented a rare example of successful practical application of research results in the field of nanotechnologies in the acute, planetary scale of the problem, as wastewater treatment. Traditional promote and filtering opposed by coagulation of impurities water-soluble polymers – polyelectrolites adsorbing impurities, turning with them in flakes (floccules), the shortfall in the sludge. The proposed solution – embedding the polymer flocculant metal oxide nanoclusters, namely, introduction in water-soluble cationic polyelectrolyte nanosized powder (from 2 to 20 nm) iron oxide Fe3O4. In this oxide nanoclusters adsorbed thread electrolyte impurities, being insular areas flocculation. Developed systematic product VTA-Nanoflok with outstanding parameters of volume and density of flakes and their rate of sedimentation, ie cleaning heavily polluted industrial spillways. Moreover, nanoscale iron oxide powders (Fe2O3; Fe3O4) have property dephosphatization with unique sorption capacity. At last, they are magneto-sensitive, which is very easy to manipulate them, coupled with effective means of regeneration of physical desorption.

Keywords: water treatment, coagulation of impurities, flocculant, nanocluster iron oxide dephosphatization, magnetic susceptibility, regeneration desorption.

UDC 546.722+546.271

Bibliography 4 references
Received 26.11.2012

RENSIT, 2012, 4(2):33-37
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