Vol. 7, №1, 2015
CHEREPENIN VLADIMIR A. (14.08.1947, Moscow, USSR)
Dr Sci. Phys.&Math., Prof., Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, http://www.ras.ru

Address: 11/7, Mokhovaya str., Moscow, 125009 Russian Federation
E-mail: cher@cplire.ru

Education and Degrees
Dr Sci. Phys.&Math, Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics (IRE) of RAS (1989)
Ph.D. Phys.&Math., Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Department (1979)
Diploma: Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Department, Chair of Radiophysics Microwave Frequencies, (1970)

Academic Title
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of the Nanotechnologies and Information Technologies (2011)
Professor (1997)

Affiliation history
Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, http://www.cplire.ru, Moscow, Russia (1980 – at present).
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Department, http://www.phys.msu.ru, Moscow (1970-80).

Research Interests
Application of the methods of computational physics to the study of processes in interacting environments, modeling heavy-duty microwave amplifiers and oscillators, free electron lasers, multiwavelength interaction of powerful relativistic electron beams with the electromagnetic field, the conversion of the explosion energy into coherent electromagnetic radiation, new principles of tomography.

Academic Councils and Research Management
Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Head of the Computational Physics Laboratory (1985), Deputy Director IRE RAS for Science (2010)
Dissertation Council D 002.231.03, Head (1998)
IRE Seminar "Information Technology and Numerical Simulation in Electronics”, Head (1990).
Lomonosov Moscow State University, Physics Department, Chair of Photonics and Microwave Physics, Professor (2001).
Vice-president of RNTORES, http://www.rntores.ru, (2012)

Editorial Boards
Journal of Radio Electronics, ISSN 1684-1719
Scientific journal “Nelineyny Mir” ISSN 2070-0970
Scientific journal “RENSIT: Radioelektronika. Nanosistemy. Informatsionnye Tekhnologii”, ISSN 2218-3000.

Selected Publications
Kulagin VV, Kornienko VN, Cherepenin VA, Suk H. Generation of intense coherent attosecond X-ray pulses using relativistic electron mirrors. Quantum electron., 2013, 43(5):443–448, DOI: 10.1070/QE2013v043n05ABEH015040.
Kornienko VN, Kulagin VV, Cherepenin VA. Peculiarities for space-time structure of powerful electromagnetic pulses formed with thin plasma layers. Izv. Vyssh. Uchebn. Zaved., Prikl. Nelinejn. Din., 2012, 20(5):156-164 (in Russ.).
Kulagin VV, Cherepenin VA, Gulyaev YuV, Kornienko VN, Pae KH, Valuev VV, Lee J, Suk H. Characteristics of relativistic electron mirrors generated by an ultrashort nonadiabatic laser pulse from a nanofilm. Physical Review E, 2009, 80(1):016404-016416.
Kulagin VV, Cherepenin VA, Hur MS, Lee J, Suk H. Evolution of a high-density electron beam in the field of a super-intense laser pulse. Laser and Particle Beams, 2008, 26(3):397-409.
Kulagin VV, Cherepenin VA, Hur MS, Suk H. Theoretical investigation of controlled generation of a dense attosecond relativistic electron bunch from the interaction of an ultrashort laser pulse with a nanofilm. Physical review letters, 2007, 99(12):124801-124804.
KulaginVV, Cherepenin VA, Hur MS, Suk H. Flying mirror model for interaction of a super-intense nonadiabatic laser pulse with a thin plasma layer: Dynamics of electrons in a linearly polarized external field. Phys. Plasmas, 2007, 14(11):113101-113110.
Cherepenin VA. Relativistic multiwave oscillators and their possible applications. Physics-Uspekhi, 2006, 49(10):1097-1102.
Kulagin VV, Cherepenin VA, Hur MS, Suk H. Compression and microbunching of electron beams by ultra-intense laser pulses. Physics Letters A. 2006, 353(6):505-511.
Cherepenin VA, Korjenevsky AV. Electric mammograph. EP Patent 1,180,967, 2005.
Cherepenin VA, Kulagin VV. Dynamics and radiation of thin foil in the field of super-intense laser pulse. Physics Letters A, 2004, 321(2):103-110.
Kulagin VV, Cherepenin VA, Suk H. Generation of relativistic electron mirrors and frequency upconversion in laser–plasma interactions. Applied Physics Letters, 2004, 85(15):3322-3324.
Cherepenin VA, Karpov AY, Korjenevsky AV, Kornienko VN, Kultiasov YuS, Ochapkin MB, Trochanova OV, Meister JD. Three-dimensional EIT imaging of breast tissues: system design and clinical testing. Medical Imaging, 2002, 21(6):662-667.
Cherepenin VA, Korjenevsky AV, Kultiasov YuS. Method for producing a tomographic image of the body and electric impedance tomography. US Patent 6,236,886, 2001.
Vlasov AN, Shkvarunets AG, Rodgers JC, Carmel Y, Antonsen TM, Abuelfadl TM, Lingze D, Cherepenin VA, Nusinovich GS, Botton M, Granatstein VL. Overmoded GW-class surface-wave microwave oscillator. Plasma Science, 2000, 28(3):550-560.
Ziglin SL, Cherepenin VA. Nonintegrability of the ABC-flow for A=B=C. Dokl. Math. 1999, 60(3):441-442. Korjenevsky AV, Cherepenin VA. Progress in realization of magnetic induction tomography. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1999, 873(1):346-352.
Bugaev SP, Cherepenin VA, Kanavets VI, Klimov AI, Kopenkin AD, Koshelev VI, Popov VA, Slepkov AI. Relativistic multiwave Cherenkov generators. Plasma Science, 1990, 18(3):525-536.
Kopyonkin AD, Kuraev AA, Slepyan AYa, Slepyan GYa, Cherepenin VA. A method for solving two-dimensional diffraction problems on periodic structures. U.S.S.R. Comput. Math., Math. Phys., 1987, 27(6):192-197.

Awards and grants
Russian Foundation of Basic Research, Ministry of Science and Education of Russian Federation, INTAS, ISTC etc.